The Madrigal ensemble was founded in 1984. David Tombak was the original founder of the Madrigal Ensemble. He boasts a vast and colourful background as being a composer & arranger. Being educated in Russia and a passion for music gives him and The Madrigal Ensemble that extra personality that any event needs.

The Ensemble frequently performs at various venues:

Oakfield Farm, Avianto, Galagher Estate, Garden World, Moon & Six Pence, Johannesburg Country Club, Villamora & many others.


The Ensemble performs in various styles:

  • a strolling duo of a violin & an accordion
  • string sets of duo, trio, quartet
  • a string ensemble can be augmented with a harp, a trumpet, a flute, a saxaphone or enlarged to an orchestra

The musical style & variation of a wedding ceremony will be compiled according to the taste and wish of the client.  Arrangements can include hymns, psalm, gesang & various other styles of music that best suit the scene. Scenes can be broken up into processional, signing of registrar, lighting of the candles etc.